WooWoo doll buttons - asst

Item Description

WooWoo Dolls - dolls that represent various phobias in order to absorb that fear and leave the holder relieved of their fear.

Everyone has a fear. What if that fear was one that you couldn't overcome? Wouldn't you like a little help? Meet my WooWoo Dolls. They will take your fear and hold it for you, so that you don't have to anymore.

Each 1" round button is made of plastic with a metal pinback. Button is available in six different WooWoos. Choose from: Voorhees, Krueger, Meyers, Pinhead, Maleficent or Thanatophobia. Please note choice at time of purchase.

If you are interested in any of my WooWoo Dolls, please contact me at info@laughinggoddessdesigns.com. Prints start at $5 for 4x6 and $15 for 8x10. Additional sizes may be available upon request. I also enjoy doing WooWoo commissions :-) Have a fear that you don't see here? Know someone that should be a WooWoo Villain? Let me know. I like a challenge!

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