I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Bridgewater State CollegMe at work at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, 2016e in Bridgewater, MA in 1997. Since then, my path has taken me through the world of home furnishings and retail merchandising working for such companies as Pier 1 Imports and Jordan's Furniture. In 2001, I moved to Orlando, FL where I worked for Pottery Barn before embarking on what was supposed to be a life long career with Living Quarters Contemporary Furniture. But, alas, in 2008, the demise of the real estate market put an end to that.

In an effort to find peace with the abrupt end to a promising career, I turned to yoga. I had practiced yoga off and on for well over a decade and found that, in this, my time of need, yoga brought solace and hope. As I resumed a more rigorous study of yoga, I realized that what was really my path was pursuing my passions and my talents. I was still painting, but now art started to become a focus instead of just a pastime.

Through a happy set of circumstances, I began to study Tarot with the help of a loving mentor who showed me that I had even more talents than I was aware. I began working at Universal Studios reading tarot. The shops where I worked also had henna artists and I began to be intrigued by the art form. I soon desired to add that to my bag of tricks.

Right around the time I began to blossom as a reader and begin to study henna, I began a yoga teacher certification program. I knew that yoga had helped to give me perspective and bring me some peace, and I wanted to share that with others. In October 2010, I finished my 200 hour program and became a certified RYT-200 yoga instructor.

In 2013, I had a major life shift. I left my final wage job (I was waiting tables)  and decided that it was time to take my passion more seriously. It was time to become a full time working artist. Easier said than done! After almost a year of barely making it, I took a job at Fetch! Petcare as a dog walker/pet sitter. I had no idea how it would change my life! For the first time, I could really say that I loved what I do. I enjoy everything that I do!

And, now, here I am - painting, reading, doing henna and walking dogs. I can really call myself a Jill of all trades now! It has indeed been a long and winding path to get to my true purpose. The path continues to curve in front of me. I'm definitely not done yet...and I can't wait to see what's around the bend : )