**Sale!** Female Figure - Original 5"x7" pencil and ink drawing *orig 20USD

Item Description

For a very long time, I have loved to draw and paint figures. In order to prepare for a painting, I do fully fleshed out sketches of what I want to paint. I have books and books of these sketches. I have had people offer to buy some of these initial sketches.

That's when I recognized that my pencil work has a very different feel than my paintings - they have a life all their own. In order to capture that feel, I hand painted a light wash on cardstock in order to get an antiqued feel. Each piece is hand drawn in pencils of varying thickness while over top I used black ink to emphasis the outlines. Each drawing is mounted on a decorative cardstock to provide a minimal matting. Perfect for framing.

5" x 7" pencil, ink and acrylic wash on cardstock with cardstock mount

Piece is mounted on decorative cardstock and within clear plastic envelope

Drawing copyright 2011 Georgie Pratt. All rights reserved.

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