Rage - Original 11"x14" acrylic painting

Item Description

"Rage" is my interpretation of this very volatile emotion. The red-orange palette is very obvious as expression of extreme anger. It represents the fire of the emotion as it consumes us. Her pose is relatively static, but, to me, rage can be so powerful as to render one motionless. This is the moment where she wants everything to just stop! The rage is too overwhelming. The blackness creeps across the canvas, threatening to overtake her with this powerful anger. I added the word as well to further punctuate the power of this emotion - unavoidable. Lastly, as a bit of a tongue in cheek gesture, I added black x's over her nipples, expressing my frustration over the taboo nature of nudes. Frustration is a step on the path to rage...

11" x 14" acrylic on canvas Piece unframed but wired for hanging.

Please understand that colors may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor.

"Rage" painting copyright 2015 Georgie Pratt. All rights reserved.

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